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Gallery member Joel Blum of East Windsor looks back to the work of the early photographers who, sometime using the most basic of equipment, influenced the future artists with monochrome images that reached a level of perfection not matched today. Think artists such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, the master of candid images; or the magnificence Brassai in “Paris at Night;” or more modern artists like Richard Avedon or Michael Kenna and a list or others too long to include here. This show is Joel’s tribute these early “influencers” of the art world. The exhibit has no unifying theme, rather it simply searches out his thoughts in the monochrome paradigm. He invites you to join him in viewing these works with an open mind to what he is bringing out.

Along the Path: Following the Delaware and Raritan Canal

In a span of over 15 years, Alina Marin-Bliach has traveled the majority of the 44-mile long Delaware & Raritan Canal and 22-mile feeder. In the last several years, she has become increasingly aware of the significance of this canal that immigrant laborers dug by hand over a four-year period in the early 1830s. Originally built as a way to transport goods from Philadelphia to NYC, the canal is now part of the National Recreation Trail System. This recreational corridor is now a place where nature, historic remnants and eclectic man-made artifacts happily coexist. Today, countless nature lovers, walkers, runners and bikers use the canal and towpath that runs along side it. Despite the fact that there are no people in any of the images, a human presence and a nod to a time long past is pervasive. Inspired by the photographs of Carleton Watkins from the early 1860s, Alina decided to print this work in a similar style. Her lightly toned black and white arched top images are reminiscent of photographs often seen during that time. These photographs explore various sections of this historic canal.

To see more of Alina's images visit her website: www.alinabliach.com Be sure to follow her on Instagram: alina_marinbliach

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